In 1938, a small family business was formed with just ‘one kati’ of sugar and several tins of milk. Through perseverance and determination, this family business grew steadily into a diversified ‘kopitiam’ serving all kinds of local delights. Since then, this ‘kopitiam’ has become a fabrication of daily lives, support from locals and establishing a strong brand foundation.
Today, ‘My Rail Coffee’ also known as ‘Kluang Rail Coffee’ is one of the most recognised brands, locally and internationally.

The Early Years

The ‘kopitiam’ was established by our predecessor Lim Luan Hee who came from Southern China to Malaya in search for a better life and trade opportunities. His voyage from Hainan Island in 1938 brought him to a town called Tampin in Johor where he received news of railway station canteen in Kluang, available a rent. With ‘one kati’ of sugar and a few tins of milk, the canteen was soon serving coffee to its very first customers. The business continued to thrive despite the Japanese occupation. Thereon, his perseverance and determination was carried on by his eldest son, Lim Heng Yong in the same spirit and level of commitment. Heng Yong’s dedication to the shop meant that he even slept in the shop, on a little canvas bed after the business had closed for the day, just so he could be up early the following morning to have breakfast ready for patrons at 6.30am. Over the years, the ‘kopitiam’ established a regular group of customers

In More Recent Times

In the 1990’s, Heng Yong’s son Lim Jit Chen continued this commitment, ensuring that the ‘kopitiam’ continued to be popular among the younger generation. Jit Chen ‘personalised’  his business and cultivated a healthy relationship with his customers. Patrons were made to feel comfortable and always left looking forward to more closes of Jit Chen and his coffee. His efforts generated much attention nationally, with patrons traveling from all over Malaysia to patronise the little canteen. By 2000, the shop garnered interest even internationally.

Gearing For The Future

In recent years, Jit Chen has partnered this cousins, a team of two brothers, Lim Jit Tong and Lim Jit Chiang in promotion of creativity, growth and development, whilst preserving originality. Since then, our heritage that is the Kluang RailCoffee has been brought to Johor Baharu, and another outlet has recently open its doors to patrons in Kluang.

Today, Kluang Rail Coffee boasts of bringing about tolerance and harmonious interaction between races, cultures and differences for more than seven decades.